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The Best Google Ad sense Alternative
Google Ad-sense Alternative

If you want to earn money online. Propeller ads are the number one alternative for Asian and other Africans unable to access Google AdSense. There are many options, but for people living in India and most African countries, propeller Ads is the best choice.
Google Adsense for Blogger When it comes to making money from blogging and similar online projects, Google AdSense is widely regarded as the best option. But for some reason, many bloggers are unable to use Google AdSense. That’s because Google AdSense can be very difficult to access. Approval may take some time. Even after approval, an account can be banned without warning.
If you are a first-time blogger, you cannot get approval to use Google AdSense until you can start building meaningful organic traffic and it takes time. There are many factors. Because of this, propeller Ads is the best solution.

Why Propeller Ads is the best  Google alternative  

1. High Paid Ads
2.Available World Wide
3.Anti AdBlock
5.More Options
7.Getting Paid


How to Create PropellerAds Account

Go to sign up option
Fill relevant Data
Confirm Your Email
Register Your Site
Confirm Your Site
Monetize Your Site or Blog

Why PropellerAds is Best Google Adsense Alternative

There are many Google Adsense Alternatives But PropellerAds is the Best


Availability Of Ads

Most Google AdSense alternatives do not work with Asian or African publishers. So don’t create ads for them. For example, Media.net, which is owned by Yahoo and Bing, focuses mostly on US traffic. So if most of your visitors come from Nigeria and other African countries, you probably won’t do that much. But with propeller advertising, you can monetize your traffic from Nigeria and all African countries.

High Paid Ads

They work with premium brands around the world, like Google Adsense. Many other Google AdSense alternatives you can see are reselling. Most only have low paid ads. But Propeller is a large company with many premium partners.

Getting Paid

After all your work, a malfunction can be a major problem with many other platforms but not with propeller aids. When it comes to payments, propeller ads are better than Google AdSense because they pay weekly while Google AdSense is monthly. With them, you can take back each week as long as you have enough.
Most Google AdSense alternatives pay only through PayPal, which is not available for payment in Nigeria and some other African countries. If you can use Pioneer Bank Transfer and receive money in your Puneer account, immediately transfer it to your Nigeria bank account. Alternatively, you can receive payments through Skrull and immediately transfer to your Nigerian bank account. There are other payment options!

More Options

Propeller Aids has a lot of options when it comes to advertising. They have options Google Adsense doesn’t have such as pop ads, push notifications and more. They basically have all the sizes of the best performing ads in Google AdSense.

Anti Block Ads

These days, many people use ad blockers to block ads on their websites. This is why, at times, a blogger may have many visitors but low income, since most visitors are using adblocker. They cannot see or click on ads. But propeller AIDS has the technology to fight it. They let you monetize your content and even use AdBlocker with meetings.


Propeller Aid is probably the only premium advertising network with which anyone can register without the need. Even if you are a beginner. No need for traffic. Even if you start blogging today, you can start using Propeller Aids. With others, you will need to meet many needs.


They have a great reputation. Lots of positive reviews. And they are very famous. Many large websites use them. Main Reason for popularity is that. It accepts all types of Blogs are websites minimum Traffic.

How to Create PropellerAds Account

Follow these steps to open a Propeller AIDS account

1. Sign the page

Google Adsense alternative
To sign up and start using Propeller Aids, go to the signup page. You will need to provide your name, email, phone number, country, and such details. Just fill out the form, accept the terms and conditions and you’re good to go. Click here to sign up now.

Confirm Your Email

After filling up the Necessary Data. An email will be sent to you. Check your email and activate your account.

Register Your Site

You have verified the use of propeller ads, the next task is to register your blog so that you can begin running ads. On your dashboard, click Wait for the sites to load and then click on the site. From there you can add a new site. See the picture below.

Verify Your Site Or Blog

You will be given a code to place on the front of your domain and to verify it. Copy the code and go to your blog. Place it on the head section of your website. If you are using WordPress, you can do this through your theme or plugin. It has a nice plugin head, footer, and post-injection. Just install the plugin, activate it, open it, and put the code in the headgear section and save the code. You’re good to go Once you’ve done this, clear your cache, go back to Propeller Ads, and click Confirm.

Monetize Your Site

Congratulations, you can now earn money from your blog with propellers. You can try different ads. if you need help. You can contact them on the Help and Support Centre. There are many resources on their website to help.


Make Money Online with Best Google Adsense Alternative. Propeller Ads is the Best Google Adsense Alternative.
If you want to Monetize Your Blog or Website Propeller Ads is Best Option with no Requirement of minimum or Maximum Traffic. So it is easy to use and Earn Money Online Best Alternative.
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