Best Free Website Builders for Beginners in 2021 



A website builder is a software or tool that helps you build a website without knowing the required code. 

Free Website Builder provides easy to use drag and drop interface where you can create pages for your website quickly and easily

Best Free Website Builders

In the world of the Internet, there is a need for a business website that allows consumers to browse and buy products. Fortunately, people on a tight budget should not be discouraged from paying an expensive web designer to do this - there are many free website builders out there that can give beginners a professional-looking site in just a few minutes Allow to put together.

If you're not sure which website builder to choose, we've made it easy for you. In this guide, we discuss the professional tweaks of the top ten free website builders out there, so you can choose them. Fits your needs best.

List Of Free Website Builders 2021

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Webstarts
  • Jimdo
  • Site123
  • Bookmark
  • Mozello
  • Ucraft
  • Godaddy
  • 000webhost
  • Joomla
  • Big Commerce
  • Dreamhost 



Wix simple website creator is the most popular site builder on the internet, and for good reason. The drag-and-drop interface allows thousands of attractive site designs, and you can customize them for custom SEO. With a wide array of free tools and additional features, Wax allows you to set up a highly professional website for yourself without spending any money. the best free website builder is Wix

  • Free website builder
  • Free Domain
  • 0.5GB Free space
  • Overall Rating 4.7



Weebly definitely one of the best free options on the market. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes the website playful, even for those who can't write a line of code, and includes free e-commerce options. With over 40 million websites currently built using Webb, you have a clear reason to rely on this builder when building your site. Weebly is a free website builder for all who want to create a free website.

  • Free Domain
  • Storage 0.5GB
  • Overall Rating 4.1


Webstarts One of the best website builders for beginners, this option has a relatively small user base of 4 million but is growing rapidly. It has the same drag and drop builder interface as Wax and is packed with features without any seamless experience.

  • Free Domain 
  • Storage 1GB


Jimdo free website builder offers easy functionality with a small, non-intrusive ad that makes it a great option for building a mobile-friendly website. It also allows you to create a complete online store for free. The user of Jimdo growing day by day.Because it is a free website builder and has many tools to manage the website in a few minutes.

  • Free Domain
  • Storage 0.5GB


Site123 is another amazing free website builder to create and manage a small business website in a few hours.Site123 is the most famous free website builder to create a wonderful website. It also provides a free domain and storage capacity 500Mb if you go pro then a variety of facility available on site123.

Free Domain

Storage 0.5GB

Overall Rating 4.0


A key feature that sets bookmarks apart from the competition is Ada, an artificial intelligence design that creates a website based on the name of your industry and your business. This allows you to get the site up and running in a matter of minutes, making Cloud-Based Site Builder your go-to option if you're looking for something quick and easy.


Mozello Latin website builder started in 2015 and is already one of the leading players in the market. The main feature that sets it apart from the competition is that multilingual websites can be set up for free. You can also set up a complete online store for free


Ucraft The Armenia-based site builder has only been around since 2016, but its ease of use and excellent mobile response has already gained a loyal fan base around the world. The unique feature of this easy free website builder is that it allows you to link your existing domain name for free. Correction options are also quite wide



Godaddy does a great job in the domain name and web hosting business, so it's no surprise that they also offer their own website builder. It's called Goddard Website + Marketing, and over the last few years, with some improvements, this new version has come up with some simple features - and a free plan.

As a beginner-friendly website builder, GoDaddy focuses on making things easy - from a simple edit selection of mobile-friendly templates to useful add-ons such as email marketing tools, blogs, appointment schedulers. And member pages. All of these are free to submit to your website site.

What's not free is the ability to use your own domain name, or start selling products through an online store. A GoDaddy banner will also show at the top of your website. While this is absolutely standard for a free plan, one thing that is a little surprising is that your SEO options are strictly limited. You'll need to upgrade to one of the higher, higher-paying plans to be able to edit elements such as LeT tags and keywords.

  • Free Domain
  • Storage Unlimited


000website is a very popular free web host website for beginners to create and manage their website on 000webhost. They use 000 websites to offer free hosting services. They are limited to 1 GB of space, 10 GB of bandwidth, and a maximum of 2 websites. But if you don't really want to use WordPress, they have a free plan website builder.000webhost free website builders for small business,

If you ever decide to go premium to remove the limitations from the free plan, you will have to pay $ 9 per month. Quite honestly, there are a lot of better tools out there (like Vix or Vibli) that offer similar deals. should not be confused with its bigger brother The latter is surprising if you are not afraid of diving into the technical area, but surprisingly, the .com version is not so easy to use and has many restrictions. That said, if you just want to create a blog, can be a great solution for you. For a website, though, we know there are better solutions. 

  • Storage 3GB
  • Over All Rating 3.7


Joomla CMS is a world-famous name. It may not be as popular as WordPress, but it offers the same two options: Launch. Create a site on using the web app and host it on the company's servers, or software from Downloaded and hosted it. To yourself

If you choose the latter option, you will find that this interface is much less accessible than WordPress. It's not entirely unforgivable, but it has a lot of menus and options to work with and it doesn't feel as polished as WordPress.

The Joomla website builder free is close to being complex, but for the initial process, it is not part of the same setup process. Its main selling point is a huge collection of themes and extensions, providing endless ways to customize the way your site looks and works.

Big Commerce:

Big Commerce is the best eCommerce website builder in the market. If you want to create an online store that is scaled, then Big Commerce is your platform. It comes with all the necessary built-in features, so you can keep your head low and your margins high. offers a simple website builder that lets you build a small business website, blog, and even an e-commerce website with just a few clicks.


Dreamhost Website Builder is a new website builder software built on top of WordPress. This Dream Host is available as part of all hosting plans starting with a minimum start of $2.59 / month with a free domain making it the cheapest website builder on our list.

Which Website Builder to Choose

In order to choose the most suitable website builder, you must first determine the functionality of your website. In simple words - you should clearly understand what you want from your website. Next, check out the pros and cons of website builders. If this is your first experience building a website, visit Wix or SITE123.


We have guided you through the professional opportunities of 12 free website builders, as well as the benefits of upgrading to a paid plan whenever possible. You now have to take the website builder, and put your digital pen on the digital paper. Equipped with everything

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